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Alternative Energy

Alternative energy solutions to fit your needs include solar panels and inverters, MicroFit and Fit systems, grid connected and off-grid residential and commercial applications. With the increasing demand from clients to provide “greener” energy systems, Saffco has broadened its scope of practice in the energy sector. Saffco works with Government incentives stimulus options to make alternative energy cost effective and efficient.

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Alternative energy services offered by Saffco:

  • Solar energy, an abundant resource. A solar power system on your home or business demonstrates your commitment to clean, renewable energy.
  • Grid-connected: By connecting a solar power system to your existing electrical service you can become a green power producer. The solar panels provide metered power to the grid. Imagine: Hydro will send you a cheque every month!
  • Off-Grid: For remote power needs, the off-grid system provides reliable power for whole buildings or a few critical loads. Panels provide power during the day, charging a battery bank for use at night. Options include generator back-up for added energy protection.
  • We have connected small wind generators.
  • Gas, diesel and propane generators: Saffco will install back-up and stand alone generators for cottages or businesses. In off-grid situations, generators can automatically charge storage batteries or provide all needed electrical power.

Saffco provides:

  • Professional solar installation services
  • Site assessment, system design, consultation and maintenance services.
  • Solar electric (PV) systems
  • Solar hot water (thermal) systems
  • Solar air heating systems
  • Quality and code compliant system components


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